I made a video game, last year.

My Video Game. (Click screenshot to go to game page)

My Video Game. (Click screenshot to go to game page)

I made a video game last Fall.

Making a video game is not that big of a deal these days, especially in Silicon Valley where I live. Nor is it particularly impressive if you consider that I did not code it from scratch using all original artwork. I used a couple tools that helped me make video game creation process much quicker and simpler than the "from scratch" method. The unique thing about this video game is that I made it to go with one of A/B Duo's recordings, in lieu of a music video. (Sometimes we play the music while a volunteer plays the game, live and projected above/behind us, while we perform. I think it's the coolest thing ever.)

This was a true labor of love. I did it purely because it would be a cool thing to do.

I am also a bad video game maker. Well, this was my first video game and my last, I am sure. 

This was another example of my "jack of all trades, master of nothing" persona. Another example of "I have no idea what I'm doing, but I'm doing it!"

I am writing about it here/now because it seems to be one of those projects that I LOVED SO MUCH and gave so many all-nighters to, but it got very little appreciation. [If I can geek out a bit: There are two versions, a Windows executable AND an HTML5 version. Cool, right?? They both work too! Yeah, it's a little buggy and I made the first level WAY too hard...but that's my first/last time video game making showing through.]

The point of this post is to say, if you didn't know about the video game I made for A/B Duo last year, please check it out: http://abduo.net/echoloquacious-the-game/

Pheromone comes out on Friday the 13th!

My 3rd solo CD, Pheromone, will be released on November 13th.

If you're in the NYC area: I'm playing all the pieces on the album at Scholes Street Studio in Brooklyn on Sunday, November 1st. Link to Facebook event page.

If you're in Wichita, KS: I'm playing 4 of the 6 pieces from the album at the KNOB Festival on Saturday, November 7th. Link to event.

If you're in the San Francisco area: To celebrate, I'll be bringing some baked vegan goodies to the New Music Open Mic at the Center for New Music on SUNDAY, November 15th. I will also be performing one piece from the album at the Open Mic. Link to event.

Everywhere else: You can buy my album! CDs and digital downloads will soon be available everywhere on November 13th. In the meantime, you can pre-order the CD or digital downloads from Bandcamp. iTunes and Amazon both have downloads available for pre-sale too.

Introducing Aerocade Music

The big project I've been working on this summer is the launch of Aerocade Music, my new little independent record label. In addition to my own releases, Aerocade will produce a series of releases by A/B Duo in 2016. I am especially honored to release Post-Haste Reed Duo's debut CD on the Aerocade Music label in January 2016. 

I originally intended to just release my own projects on this label but an opportunity to work with Post-Haste Reed Duo sprang up so now I'm releasing other artists' music too! Aerocade Music and I are legit now! Most of the hard work these last new months were related to starting an actual company. 

Our first release will be my 3rd solo album, Pheromone, coming out on November 13, 2015. You can listen to one of the tracks now on the video I made for track 3 on the album: Pencilled Wings by Emma O'Halloran featuring Jacob Abela on piano.

Video shot on my iPhone 6. 

Working hard!

I've been busy with a couple huge projects lately. One of them, I will share with you in a month or two. The other is: my 3rd album! I just finished recording it and it will be mastered next week. I am hoping for a November release. 

I recorded Eli Fieldsteel's Fractus III: Aerophoneme with my Sankyo Kingma system flute. Even though the piece doesn't require a Kingma system flute, it was nice to use it because of the many quarter tone passages in the piece. 

I recorded Eli Fieldsteel's Fractus III: Aerophoneme with my Sankyo Kingma system flute. Even though the piece doesn't require a Kingma system flute, it was nice to use it because of the many quarter tone passages in the piece. 

The album will contain the following works:

Fractus III: Aerophoneme for flute and live electronic sound by Eli Fieldsteel
Huge Blank Canvas Neck Tattoo for alto flute and digital delay by Gregory C. Brown
Pencilled Wings for flute, piano, and stereo playback by Emma O'Halloran
60.8% for bass flute and electronics by Douglas Laustsen
Pheromone for flute(s), piano, and electronics by Isaac Schankler
Etude for contrabass flute and TI83+ calculator by Matthew Joseph Payne

I can't wait to share this album with you! I've been working very hard and am really proud of it. 

New video: Mercurial

I try to make videos of pieces I record whenever I can. Sometimes a live performance video looks good enough, but most of the time it's hard to produce a good multi angle video at a concert when I'm busy actually preparing for the performance. 

I had a few days last week when inspiration and some extra free time magically aligned. Thanks to NASA's public domain videos and animations, I was able to edit video of Jay C. Batzner's Mercurial for flute and fixed media. This piece can be found on my last album, The Art of Noise. Enjoy!